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Paul Gartside designed this 14 footer in the early ’80s

Paul Gartside (a young “local” designer at that time, now in Nova Scotia and much more well-known) designed her in the 80’s or so, and she was built by Michel Gaudin to sail-camp his young family in the Gulf Islands. Michel trained in boatbuilding in his homeland of France, was shipwrecked in his self-built boat when sailing to America, emigrated to Canada, and is now retired from his job as lead shipwright at Jesperson Boatbulders in Sidney BC (just outside of Victoria), our local premier wooden yacht builders.

My dad (Fred) was driving by Michel’s house in Sidney and this lovely little boat was sitting on the lawn, along with a cold-moulded recreational rowing shell Michel built, with for-sale signs on them!! As soon as Dad got home he phoned me, and we bought them both, in 1992 I think.

Unfortunately, Paul doesn’t have the plans for her anymore, he said they’ve been lost in the sands of time when I enquired a few years ago. She has a marconi sloop rig, and is lots of fun with some crew for ballast and a bit of wind. And a real treat in light air by myself.

She’s kept at our family lake-shore vacation property, on Cowichan Lake, a good-sized body of water in the middle of southern Vancouver Island. Very ideal! Problem is, I live in Vancouver (about 4 to 5 hours travel with the ferry) and I usually don’t get over to the lake until July. On a good summer, I pull her out of the boat shed, give her a few coats of varnish and launch by day four or five if all goes well, sail her in every breeze we get, and stay at the lake as long as I can. Some years it’s been almost two full months, sleeping in my tent and praying for the hot-weather thermal breezes. Other years it’s three or five days, and all too soon I’m packing her up in time to get back to school in September. Not quite good enough.

I’ve now finished building a Welsford Scamp and the Gartside is languishing, so we’re thinking of selling her. Email me if you’d like to discuss! (dale at dalesimonson dot ca)

Length overall: 14′ 4.5″
Beam: 62.25″
Mast length (deck stepped): 20′ 4″

3 sails (main, jib, spinnaker), oars (10′, douglas fir, spoon blades), beach trolley (simple home-built structure with 14″ bicycle wheels), canvas boat cover (keeps the rain out of the boat very effectively, so she can sit at a dock or mooring indefinitely!)